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It's fast, easy, and free to post any property on TwnSqr's marketplace, and our Customer Support team is on standby if you need any help.

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You receive an email notification whenever an interested buyer submits a proposal on your property.

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Review all your proposals in one place, and accept the best one for you!

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TwnSqr doesn't involve itself in closing, so you're free to find the right person for you and your property without fear of hidden fees.


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Just answer a few questions and upload some photos to gain exposure to direct buyers. No commitments means that you can delete your post at any time.

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We aren't currently limited by capital, but by the number of properties we can make a data-centric decision about, and TwnSqr is the platform we turn to for programmatic access to detailed data on properties for sale outside the MLS.

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Creating the marketplace for real estate connections.

Our goal is to give everyone the tools they need to connect with the right person in real estate. To do that, we built TwnSqr: a free, open marketplace where sellers post their property to attract motivated buyers who submit proposals specifically to them. Whenever they like, they can connect with any one of them, and sign a contract as normal. It sounds simple, because it is simple. And we think that simplicity is exactly what real estate needs.

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